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b.Cyntel Imagery

Just Be still and know......

B.Cyntel Imagery specializes in photography services of all kinds, as well as providing support to victims of violent crimes by capturing the beauty that remains inside.  Our photography services are unique and therapeutic, focusing not just on physical beauty, but rather the beauty we possess but have yet to release.

Our Story

Previously Act B.a.d.d. Entertainment, B.Cyntel Imagery is an imagery development business providing its clients with professional pictures and portfolios; geared towards enhancing their chances of having successful careers by capturing and encouraging our clients to share the beauty within them with others. 


Our team consist of a mother and daughter, both professionally trained to provide clients with professional photos of life's most memorable moments.  B.Cyntel Imagery is a sector of The LeXx Life Movement, providing career development services to victims and to the families of victims of violent crimes. 

our Team

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