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What Is The Lexx Life Movement?

The Lexx Life Movement is unique because we believe that we are called to lead and empower others, encouraging them to seek guidance in all things no matter the situation, occupation or the obstacle. Through serving our community daily, we minister to the masses. Visiting schools as a guest speaker, to speak to youth concerning greater expectations and recognizing the resources available, we are able to detour young minds from violence, educating youth on healthy living, encourage career paths that might keep them from becoming offenders, as well encourage past offenders to rehabilitate their minds into healthier states of awareness, allowing them to realize that they too are capable of living a purpose driven life.

Who Is Alexis Smith...

Executive Director & Recording Artist

Alexis is a licensed and ordained Minister, Writer, Public Speaker, Administrator and Inspirational Hip Hop recording Artist. She is a 2011 graduate of BRCC, a 2012 and 2015 graduate of Southern University A&M College, where she received her BS and MS, and she completed  her PhD in Urban Planning Natural Resources in 2020.


“Lexx” advocates and supports victims of violent crimes, as well as the children of victims of violent crimes. She takes great pride in being a Mentor, as she seeks to influence the lives of children, youth, men and woman, through God’s word and through the testaments of her life’s many trials, failures, and accomplishments. She is a community partner in educating and empowering others concerning the environmental impacts of our choices and decisions.  In her professional career, she a Disciplinarian at a Baton Rouge Charter that supports children with learning difficulties. She aspires daily to encourage teachers, parents, staff, and students that overcoming any challenge is possible.


As a recording artist, she has touched many lives as she has performed and witnessed Gods greatness.


She has also written a book entitled “Mixed Emotions.” It is a collection of daily devotionals written throughout the process of her metamorphosis and transformation to Ministry.


Her latest album project is found on music distribution sites, such as, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play and YouTube! Singles include “We The Chose” and “Amazing God” and "Street Gospel." Her current single entitled “Faith On Dumb,” which is available on all major platforms.


She is spreading her ministry through song (Inspirational Hip Hop),  social media post and dialogues, touring schools, churches, special events, with the mission of  encouraging and informing youth on the benefits of having the right attitudes, striving for success,  and unlocking the privileges of God’s Kingdom. 

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