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       At the age of nine her mother was diagnosed with third stage breast cancer.  Alexis became withdrawn as she assisted with the care of her mother and with helping to maintain the house while her father worked two and sometimes three jobs to care for his family.  


       Although she was extremely close to her father, his work schedule did not permit the time he had previously shared with his children, especially his baby girl, causing Alexis to often become mischievous and to lean on the guidance of her older brothers. Because she was often confined to the house, she used writing as an outlet and a way to express frustrations. She also used it as a way to detour her depressions as she watched her mother fight for her life. 


       Her preteen years were spent adapting to the change after her father accepted his call to ministry at thriving local Baptist church. She often felt perplexed with her inability to adapt to the spot light associated with being a “PK Kid” (Preacher’s Kid). Lexx began to gravitate to  the streets and to the new alliances in which she’d created.


       As a means of expressing the way she felt, she adapted the culture of Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap. Lexx had the ability to emulate most of the popular female rappers of her time. She mostly emulated rappers such as Mia X, Ghetto Twinz, Eve, SugaT, M C Lyte, Yo Yo, Queen Latifah, and Missy Elliot. 

       Lexx's brother was incarcerated during her twelfth grade year, so she developed a hard core attitude of getting things done by any means and became at times emotionless, fearless, and always prepared to express what she felt and believed.

       Lexx dropped out of college after her first semester as she was plagued with the responsibilities associated with leaving her parent's home at eighteen years old and quickly becoming an adult. She begin to work many jobs and hustled by any means to maintain a status most similar to the women she emulated in music and lifestyle. 

       In 2002, after finding out she was three months pregnant, Lexx became very upset with the reality of becoming a young single mother, so she wedded her then boyfriend/child’s father with the hopes of raising her daughter in a two parent household as she had been raised. After three years of struggles, fighting, infidelities and the lost her mother, her dreams would be shattered and she found herself once again a single mother upset with her life status and  reality.


       Three years after her separation, she went on to marry again with hopes that the stability provided by her new marriage would allow a healthier life, a more stable home front for her child, and the support needed to complete her education after returning to college.


       Yet again, after sharing her home, happiness and hopes in what she thought was a promising relationship, she and her daughter were abandoned by her spouse who faced a private mental history of which she had never known. Lexx found herself alone again and angry with the reality that she would have to be a single mother to her only child. She spent many sleepless nights crying, unable to understand why she had to endure such hurts. She also faced many thoughts of suicide because of the belief that she was unfit to be a mother and wife.


       It was during this time after much prayer and counseling that she began to grow closer to Christ, and she made the decision to trust in God for the rest of her life.

       In spite of the hurt she felt and the emotional abandonment, she endured through many trials and tribulations. Lexx grew closer to God and continued pushing towards success in her education. She found an inner strength to inspire and empower others, as well as continued to act as the Director of an organization that she and the deceased Corey Kaufman Sr. founded in 2011, with the purpose of combating the violent crime in Louisiana. 

       Her community work through her non-profit, which advocates for the support of victims of violent crimes, has supported her spiritual growth while she leads and mentors others to finding their paths in life.  

       Lady Lexx accepted her call to ministry in 2015. She realized that God had given her so many trials and tribulations so that she could one day return to the streets that offered her and alliance with the Gospel that saved her life. 

       She is now an Author, as well as a very avid writer, a talented Inspirational Hip Hop Artist who says she uses her Music to bring others into the knowledge of Christ. 

       Although Lexx believes that some of her greatest blessings were birthed through her struggles and hardships, she also believes that before she was born God declared that there would be GREAT THINGS for her life. Her favorite quote is “Follow me as I follow Christ,” and she has decided to be an ambassador for the Kingdom of God for the rest of her life.


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